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Solar Status

Lots more Solar data (click here)



This is not a DX Club. However, many of us are very interested in working DX...thus this page.

Why are the HF bands dead? Here's the April 2017 status of the Solar Cycle...
it's on its way down!  If you can't hear 'em, you can't work 'em! That's why we start with propagation.

How low can you go?

Upcoming Major DXpedition to Bouvet Island.


Dear Rich,

On behalf of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018, thank you for your kind contribution of $100 USD on behalf of the North Richland Hills Amateur Radio Club.
Please accept this small gift (download the attachment) to recognize your important and generous contribution toward the Bouvet DXpedition-2018 expenses.  As you probably know, this is likely the most expensive DXpedition ever attempted.

It is dedicated and generous DXers like you and your club members that make DXpeditions such as this possible, and we are pleased that the North Richland Hills ARC is now one of our important supporters.

One of the goals of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018 is to provide at least one QSO to every DXer who needs this #2 ranked DXCC entity for an all-time new one (ATNO).   Also, we want to provide as many band/mode contacts needed by DXers as we possibly can.  We believe we have the plan, the team and the equipment to make this happen!

Your contribution will help make all this a reality for not only our team of DXpeditioners, but for DXers, worldwide...THANK YOU!

See you in the pileups!

For the team,
Ralph Fedor - KIR
Bob Allphin - K4UEE
Erling Wiig - LA6VM




19 August 2002

 (click to enlarge)

13 August 2016


Sunspot Number = 308
 (the "good old days")
Sunspot Number = 36
(14 years later)

Having said that and seen how bad the HF bands are, try 6 meters! "Es", or Sporadic E is still around...sometimes even on 10 meters.

Some excellent DX & Propagation related web sites

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Notice who's doing the posting - if it's only Europeans and no U.S. stations you probably won't hear the DX
  DX Sherlock Fascinating site for 10 meters on up
  Announced DX Operations Good source of upcoming DX events
  N0HR DXpedition Map Interesting way to see DXpeditions
  QRZ.COM Your first stop for QSL information
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  LOTW QSL credit without the postage cost
  DXCC Award "The" DX Award - work 100 "Entities"
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  DX Links Lots of DX and Contest Links
  DXCC Prefix List [LINK]  

Outstanding Rig Control
Great software for rig control, Digital, satellite, logging, etc., etc.

Why do we work DX? Partly for the competition, partly for the "Wall Paper" (awards), but also for QSL cards like these.

North Korea

Mellish Reef

Baker Island


Peter 1 Island


Andaman Islands


Banaba Island

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